April 2017: The Rouvets Lake is under new management and great efforts are being made to spring clean the lake and surrounding land in time for the busy season to begin. With the recent warmer weather the fish are much more active and visible cruising on the surface. A few reports have come in of recent catches and that bodes very well for members of The Rouvets Lake. The whole area is bursting with life as the birds sing furiously to attract a mate and pair up whilst migrants pass through busily searching for food (binoculars would be a great addition to your kit bag). The buds on the trees are exploding into green and the scene is changing on a daily basis. The Daffodils have been and gone making way for the primroses to replace their golden hue. Watching nature do it’s thing in such spectacular fashion must be the greatest free gift that comes with a membership to The Rouvets Lake.

With that in mind we are not only looking to encourage new members who have experience of carp fishing but are appealing to those who don’t. For them we are planning to hire out gear, give tuition and invite families to come and have a go.

The details and dates of these sessions are still being planned but we are aiming to have this up and running very soon. There will be a newsletter that you can sign up for and that way your finger will be on the pulse for not only this information but details of recent catches, nature walks and any business that we think is worth sharing. So do check back in soon and don’t miss this opportunity! Chris Bale.

March 2014: After careful consideration we have decided to cease offering day tickets as an option to anglers. Membership fees remain at £50 per year, making the option of fishing at Les Rouvets Lake affordable even for people who only intend to fish a few days a year or for those who are on holiday. This also allows us to spend more money on ensuring the lake is well maintained. All new members will be required to sign a disclaimer form before they can be accepted.

October 2011. We are delighted to announce that a further lease has now been negotiated with the landowner which will allow us to continue to keep Les Rouvets Lake open for coarse fishing. As a result of our negotiations we are now in a position to significantly reduce the membership fees in order to make them affordable to a great many more people. The new annual membership fee is now £50 for 365 days a year access, so if you are interested in becoming a member please contact us through the usual methods.

Guernsey Coarse Fish Records, Accurate as of Feb 2009.
Species                               Kilos gms                            lb  0z  dms

Bream                                 2       092                            4   9    13

Carp                                   17     321                            38  3     0

Carp, Grass                         7      626                            16  13   0

Catfish                                2      438                              5    6    0

Chub                                   2      597                              5   11  10

Eel, Common                      1      700                              3   12    0

Perch                                  1      247                              2   12    0

Rudd                                   0      489                              1    1     4

Tench                                 2       551                             5    10   0

Trout, brown                      4      582                            10    1    10