Les Rouvets Lake. The Gem of St Saviours.


It’s true to say that Guernsey is a beautiful place and we often forget that every which way we turn is a potential post card scene. We are used to our immediate world blessing us with all the colours, scents and sounds that nature can muster. So rarely does one happen upon a new place, somewhere you’ve not been; somewhere that invigorates those senses and brings to life that feeling of wonder and awe. Like being a child again, where everything was bigger, brighter and new. Les Rouvets Lake is that place.

As a local lad I grew up fishing, birdwatching and wandering this Island with my friends and foster brothers, exploring and discovering new things on our BMX’s. Rocks to climb and jump from, searching fields to find frogs and slow worms, trees to swing from; the world was magical and undiscovered. As a parent I hope my daughter goes on to find this magic for herself, too. However, as an adult who still enjoys fishing, birdwatching and photography the ‘wow’ has largely been replaced with the ‘now’! I mean, a modern life that thrives on instant gratification, dead lines, faster cars, bigger shops, schedules and the inevitability of time; marching on relentlessly, reminding you of all the things you feel you need to achieve in the next 24 hours before you can finally rest. All the while, knowing full well that your ‘things to do’ list gets two new things added for every one thing you check off! Sound familiar? Need to step away and breathe? Maybe smell the flowers……Well, Les Rouvets Lake is that place, too.

The moment I stepped through the gate I felt privileged to be there. Everything slowed down, my shoulders dropped and I was immediately transported to my childhood. I stood staring at the large oak tree at the bottom of the hill. My first thought was to drop to the ground and roll down the slope before climbing high into it’s branches and wondering how on earth I’d get back down. I resisted that urge. I guess that’s what being a grown up is. Anyway, the point I’m making is that this place holds mystery. It makes you feel, each time you visit, that you’re the first person to ever see it. There’s magic in it’s tranquility and a deep relaxation to be found as you’re emersed in those colours, scents and sounds……and then you start fishing!