Les Rouvets Coarse Fishing Lake, St. Saviour, Guernsey, Channel Islands.

This members only coarse fishing lake once formed part of The Guernsey Tropical Gardens back in the 1970’s and was originally dug out in 1968 by a former resident of Guernsey called Colonel Wootton. For many years since the gardens closed down it had been inaccessible to the residents of Guernsey. Over the years Guernsey nature took over and this coarse fishing lake’s existence had for the most part, been forgotten until it was rediscovered and resurrected by its former coarse fishing fanatical owners.

Coarse fishing in Guernsey was fairly rare due to the lack of suitable waters available, so this lake proved to be a unique opportunity to put coarse fishing “on the map” as an additional outdoor activity that could be offered to people who wished to pursue this relaxing hobby.

Freshwater angling in Guernsey is a pastime for young and old alike, a sport families and friends can pursue together, proving the perfect way to wind down from the stresses of everyday life. After all, what can beat sitting in the sunshine, surrounded by Guernsey countryside, watching Kingfishers swoop down over the water, vibrantly coloured Dragonflies flitting past, rabbits hopping across the fields and various wildfowl swimming contentedly across the sparkling surface of this coarse fishing lake! This has to be as close to paradise as anyone could hope to achieve in their lifetimes.

One of the favourite TV Anglers “Mick Brown”, who appears with Matt Hayes throughout various television series such as “The Great Rod Race, The Greater Rod Race” etc, very kindly sent  an email which explains his thoughts on coarse fishing and wishes us luck with getting not only the lake established, but also converting people to the pleasures of coarse fishing on Guernsey as an alternative to sea fishing. With his permission we have quoted the email below.


“The atmosphere is different, quiet and tranquil, that is until you hook a carp when you really find out what its like to play a hard fighting fish on gear that is both sporting and a pleasure to use. You can now enjoy both styles of fishing on Guernsey but don’t blame me if you fall in love with stillwater fishing and hang up your sea rods!
Well done for tackling this exciting venture,I’m sure it will provide a very much needed facility to the island and in doing so bring much pleasure to many. I wish you the very best of success.
kind regards
Mick Brown.”